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FOOD Italia & Co. S.p.a
food import export
for four generations
The best selection of food raw materials.

FOOD ITALIA was born in 1990 inheriting a great tradition inherent in food import export, which was handed down from the fourth generation. The business, which begins with the world of forest mushrooms (Porcini) in all its marketable forms, has subsequently increased the number of items managed to become today a point of reference for the canning world.
Since the beginning, Food Italia has represented and consolidated its position as a company specialized in food trading with a large and well-diversified supply chain of Italian and foreign suppliers and a portfolio of primary customers, becoming one of the leading companies in the national panorama.
Food Italia, in consideration of the type of products and the type of market in which it operates, has always pursued the desire to pursue quality and safety through the selection and control of its supply chain, also paying attention to satisfy the ever new and changing customer requests with a view to flexibility and targeted service.
The company has its own warehouse of 3,000 square meters completed by two cold rooms (for both refrigerated and frozen products) for the storage of raw materials and their maintenance in the best conditions, until final transport.
Food Italia also makes use of a rented warehouse a few hundred meters from its operational headquarters.
The satisfaction of our customers is our main goal and represents the fuel that gives us enthusiasm for new and exciting challenges.
In this regard, Food Italia has recently established a fruitful collaboration with another company of the Group and will soon be able to expand its range of products to the world of fish (fresh, frozen and packaged) to propose itself on the market at old and new customers.
through well-established working channels, it takes care of all those actions necessary to guarantee safety, quality and service at always centered and competitive prices
Operational headquarters
Via 1 Maggio n°31
             43043 BORGOTARO  (Parma )
             Tel. +39 0525921185
8.00- 12.00 AM
           13.30 - 17.30 PM
           SAT-SUN CLOSED
Operational headquarters
Via 1 Maggio n°31
             43043 BORGOTARO  (Parma )
             Tel. 0525/921185
8.00- 12.00 AM
           13.30 - 17.30 PM
           SAT - SUN  CLOSED
Registered Office
Via Settembrini 29 - 20124 Milano
             P. IVA 02117860342

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